I’ve always been about breaking boundaries and social norms. Whether I’m making a costume or producing an event, I am committed to giving people an otherworldly experience to open their eyes to new possibilities: What does entertainment look like? What does art look like? What do you look like?

I wouldn’t do all the things I do now if it wasn’t for New Orleans. When I was 22, I went there for the first time and knew that I had found my home. I was inspired by the vibrant culture of Mardi Gras, and while living in New Orleans, I immersed myself in the year-round spirit of carnival and the energy of a city-wide expression of joy. At this time, I was also touring the world as a dancer for NOLA Bounce rappers Big Freedia & Nicky Da B.

Currently, I’m living and working in Los Angeles, but I’m still constantly on the road producing events, hosting trunk shows, and helping people cultivate their personal style. My approach to design is kind of like alchemy. I find materials everywhere: fringe off of a thrift store lamp, deconstructed necklaces, disemboweled sandals, and other bejeweled nonsense. For me, it’s not about “validating” my work with expensive components, but taking existing objects and recontextualizing them. I want to inspire people to seize the potential in everyday moments and objects, regardless of monetary value.

Whether it’s through my wearable art, radically inclusive events, or one-on-one services as a personal stylist, lifestyle designer, and creative consultant, my goal is to help people overcome familial or societal guilt and shame so that they can live a life of empowered self-expression.

In early 2017  I started a new project called Pussy Power House which is a collective of women who are joining forces to celebrate femme power and facilitate mindful events, workshops, classes, and creative group activities. Check our events page to see what we have coming up.

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